The objective of the Fast Fiction Friday exercise is to write with complete focus on the given subject. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is to write for a set amount of time, without distractions and without editing. Let the words flow from your mind to the paper and ignore self doubt and outside issues. The goal is to become so addicted to writing that you can't help but do it! All writers are welcome whether you write short stories, poems, memoirs, non-fiction, essays or a personal journal. Feel free to share your work or link back.


The Origins of Fast Fiction Friday

There are a few sites using the Fast Fiction Friday label and I thought it may be helpful to explain my background with it. I joined Wordtrip in January 2004 as JillStar and soon after became a moderator with the duties of creating writing prompts and challenges. 

One of my creations was the Fast Fiction Friday section of the site. I had heard of "Fast Fiction" and decided to improvise and give it a twist. We were charged with picking a day of the week and Friday seemed a no-brainer based on phonetics. A 30 minute writing sprint was enough time to get a rough draft complete and having a challenge once a week gave everyone a chance to polish their rough draft into a finished product. We began the prompts and the rest is history. 

You can find the WT FF prompts still up and available at WordTrip.  Please feel free to visit and use the prompts to inspire your own writing.