The objective of the Fast Fiction Friday exercise is to write with complete focus on the given subject. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is to write for a set amount of time, without distractions and without editing. Let the words flow from your mind to the paper and ignore self doubt and outside issues. The goal is to become so addicted to writing that you can't help but do it! All writers are welcome whether you write short stories, poems, memoirs, non-fiction, essays or a personal journal. Feel free to share your work or link back.

Prompt Types

Poetry Sunday (PS):
Write a poem based on the prompt consisting of specific words, a particular subject, a set number of stanzas, lines, or word count, or a certain type of poetry (such as Haiku). Sunday Stanzas is the new Sunday Comics.

Monday - No prompts (possible Characterization Challenge)

Tableau Tuesday (TT): Write a short story, poem or other item based on the photo given. Also on

Wednesday- No prompts (possible Characterization Challenge)

Enthralling Thursday (ET): A question is asked to make you THINK beyond the norm. Answer the question with an explanation. Don't just say 'yes' or 'no' or give a one word answer. That's too easy! This exercise is to help you think deeper and learn how to express, explain, and expand your writing.

Fast Fiction Friday (FFF): Write a short story, poem or other item based on a word, group of words, or phrase. Also on

Saturday- No prompts (possible Characterization Challenge)

Characterization Challenge (CC): A picture of an individual or group of people to help you create a character. Use the picture to practice using your imagination and creating a useable and believable person to be used in a story. Even if you ultimately don't use the character in a future story, the practice will help you to develop many characters that your readers will love or love to hate.

Something interesting from
"The difference between poetry and verse is usually the difference between substance and form. Poetry is lofty thought or impassioned feeling expressed in imaginative words: Elizabethan poetry. Verse is any expression in words which simply conforms to accepted metrical rules and structure: the differences between prose and verse."

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